Infrastructure Planning by Orgone Business Intelligence Group (OrgoneBIG)

We provide infrastructure-planning support by taking into account our deep understanding of the supply and demand for the services provided by utilities to develop solutions that solve local issues while addressing regional problems. We utilize objective data analytics and on-the-ground market intelligence to support OrgoneBD’s robust system planning, asset (infrastructure) management, and business continuity using a sound and transparent approach to decision making. Our infrastructure planning service includes but are not limited to:

  • Data Analytics (Infrastructure & Utilities)
  • Assessment & Strategic System Planning
  • Asset Management (Preventive Maintenance)
  • Analysis of Investment Opportunities Through Expansion

Operations Management by Orgone Infra OM

Post acquisition by investor’s in gas, power, water and renewables infrastructure assets; we can be hired and plugged into the operations and management of the acquired asset to execute the strategy set forth by the new owners. This is to deliver the transformational change needed to realize the incremental value through revenue growth, operational efficiencies and other value creation strategies.

Project Development by OrgoneBD:

Project development activities to include, but are not limited to:

  • Bankable-Opportunity Identification
  • Feasibility Studies Infrastructure Portfolio Management (Projects & Programs)
  • Commercial StructuringSourcing of Finance
  • Engineering,Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Service Overview

Assessment of mega systems to identify bottle-necks as well as other system integrity issues and matching them with the overall needs of our clients’ to propose sustainable solutions. We do this with a strong focus on local content and knowledge transfer to develop our host country’s workforce.Oversight of planning, engineering, designing, estimating, scheduling, financing, commercial structuring, procurement, construction, project management, as well as commissioning and testing activities that complement the capabilities of local (country where project is located) sub-contractors.Provision of social impact on the lives of the local communities in which we operate, through the cascading effect of the provision of much needed infrastructure. This will provide jobs and end-user services such as water, gas and electricity for local contractors, suppliers, hospitals, schools and other local businesses.
We provide services in 3 main areas:

  • Infrastructure Planning by OrgoneBIG
  • Project Development by OrgoneBD
  • Operations Management by Orgone Infra OM